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Major Interest in Major Crimes

Emerging from lurking long enough to declare my new-found love for the series, Major Crimes!

This series serves as a continuation of The Closer, and I actually find myself liking MC's cast significantly more than its predecessor series. (Not to mention Captain Raydor practically radiates HBIC waves like it's nobody's business.) I'm scrambling to get my hands on the previously aired episodes of the second season (episode 6 and earlier), as I've only just finished watching my cousin's DVD of the entire first season. If anyone can direct me to an online source for all S2 episodes thus far, I would appreciate it! I hate waiting for my DVR to capture all of the episodes as they air on TNT. :,(

One side note: I think I'm interested in this show and its characters enough to want to write fan fiction about it. :o I haven't felt this way about a series since Glee!
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