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the problem with "going gay." (or, a brief analysis/open mic discussion of the ruby rose phenomenon)

I'll keep this brief, if only because I want to have the opportunity to discuss this more in-depth with any takers.

There have been a number of interesting articles on the subject, and even doing a cursory Facebook keyword search for "Ruby Rose" will pull up a mélange of shared videos, tweets, pieces, and posts that underscore the issue that Mic articulates quite well in this article.

Quick, quotable quote:
                                      " of 'going gay' for Ruby Rose makes being gay sound like it's a
                                      quick and easy choice (and the only choice)."

(One of the many quotes I was tempted to use.)

Thoughts? Comments? Declarations of intent? I'd love to hear anything and everything!
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Fork You

Storydale: A Modern-Day Fairytale RPG

Hello and welcome to the small town of Storydale, Vermont where the inhabitants are based on fairy tale dwellers and characters from classic literature. Pick your favorite and try to imagine how they would fit into the modern world as well as interact with others.

Click the button above to check it out! Plenty of characters are available and you can always suggest some more if the one you'd like to roleplay as isn't listed. Come play with me! ;D
Fork You

Major Interest in Major Crimes

Emerging from lurking long enough to declare my new-found love for the series, Major Crimes!

This series serves as a continuation of The Closer, and I actually find myself liking MC's cast significantly more than its predecessor series. (Not to mention Captain Raydor practically radiates HBIC waves like it's nobody's business.) I'm scrambling to get my hands on the previously aired episodes of the second season (episode 6 and earlier), as I've only just finished watching my cousin's DVD of the entire first season. If anyone can direct me to an online source for all S2 episodes thus far, I would appreciate it! I hate waiting for my DVR to capture all of the episodes as they air on TNT. :,(

One side note: I think I'm interested in this show and its characters enough to want to write fan fiction about it. :o I haven't felt this way about a series since Glee!
the youngest holds the key

into the unknown

Waking up in the middle of the night, heart pounding from the vestiges of just another really effed up dream, was only the beginning of one seemingly endless, unimaginably desolate Monday.

I covet Sundays--specifically, that ethereal space in time, early on in the morning, where everything has a sense of rightness to it--I covet them and cling onto their coattails for as long as I possibly can until I have to admit defeat, complete readings and assignments, and prepare for a day of running around. I'm lucky enough to have an easy Monday, in terms of classes. With any luck, by the time Cultural Anthropology lets out and the F bus meanders its way into the circle where I am standing, anxiously waiting and vying for a seat, I'll get home around three. 

The usual lack of enthusiasm for Mondays has matured into a full-blown grimace. The constant drip and drizzle of rain has turned the bald spots in the Pangaea of snow into small, fragmented streaks of white against the dreary grey of the day. Sharing my lover's grief over losing his grandfather this past week, a man I had never had the pleasure of meeting, and bearing witness to the attending priest's incredibly touching eulogy, seems to have followed me through the weekend to today. Remembering the floral smell and paltry feel of the funeral home, the frailty of his grandmother's body as I embraced her in a hug, the empowering quality of the voices carrying the grief of the situation in unison during a performance of "O Lord My God", I feel so powerfully for his oma, a woman I have only just met. I hurt for the long-lasting love that has now been splintered by the reality of death and--selfishly--I'm terrified at the thought of finding myself in her position. It's not a fear of death, but the fear of the gaping hole that follows death's footsteps.

Now on my first full week of classes for the spring semester, I am doing fairly well and staying afloat, following the ebb and flow of reading assignments being flung my way from all directions. To those who find themselves in a similar situation, I'd love to hear from you in particular: How do you personally cope with an "enthusiastic" workload? What are your reading and studying habits like?

I'm just about done reading through the first pages of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez's Generacion Y, a series of posts that I've been eating up with gusto and have seemed to only add to my slight sense of melancholia. With deadlines approaching and the ever-looming presence of finances, I feel confined and terribly worried with what the following days will bring. In the midst of this dreary Monday evening, I will be reading Boule de Suif, memorizing as many African countries as I possibly can, and fretting over the possibility of losing what I consider to be an old friend: the maturation of my education.
my cupcake

and a hearty new year

Here's to...
          brushing teeth more,
 (eventually) sorting out financial aid,
                  getting more hours,
    baking a lot,
                      kneading more dough,
          being in love,
               and looking forward to life more this year.

Any resolutions of your own you'd like to share, FList?
something final we call life


I've never been a girly-girl. Just ask my dad! I'm the type to go no-makeup, wearing men's tees with my lounge pants and my hair in a pony. But lately, sites like Pinterest have piqued my interest... so to speak! Lol.

Anyway, I found out about Birchbox through another pinner, and I decided there wasn't much to lose in getting a ten-dollar box of surprise beauty goodies shipped my way.

I absolutely love the products that came in June's Birchbox. I got a little sample of Taylor Swift's perfume (not really my scent, but lovely all the same), a peanut butter Luna bar, a bronzer (it looks intimidating, but it's a really great, safer alternative to tanning!), tanning wipes (bye-bye, pasty legs!), and--my favorite product by far--a lip tint that doubles as blush for your cheeks. I love using it, especially since I'm not a big lipstick user. And using it before I apply a light blush really enhances my features!

I highly recommend this site. It's great for tentative newbies such as myself, a fun way to test the waters of the beauty world.

Check it out for yourself!

(Sorry for the shameless advertising! It's really cool, yo.)
something final we call life

stress baking

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I'm getting more and more nervous. While everyone else is doing their daily Facebook countdowns (like "25 more days then im free", or my personal favorite, "only like one more month of this bs then i can finally sleep again!!!") I'm in the corner biting my nails, thinking of the millions of things I should be getting done before graduation rolls up.

When I feel stressed, I like to bake. Due to an electrical fire in my school's bakery (no one's fault and no one was hurt), we're out of order for what looks like the rest of the year... I haven't really baked anything since April! It's crazy. And so, in hopes of easing my stress (and to kill time before I have to get ready for a movie "date"), I decided to make some pumpkin bread from scratch. It's not even remotely close to fall, I know, but seasonal-schmeasonal? I like the stuff, and my sister's been craving it for ages now.

I checked out The Pioneer Woman blog, one of my go-to's, and Ree led me to a Bobby Flay's pumpkin bread that he outlines in his recipe for pumpkin bread pudding. The pudding looks good, but all I really cared about was making the bread, sooo...

Now, I didn't know we were running low on sugar... nor did I realize that we only had whole cloves, not the ground stuff. I didn't even think to check until I was elbows-deep in the dry ingredients. So... word to the wise: always double-check to see if you're fully prepared for a recipe before you, y'know, go to make it. I ended up attacking a handful of cloves with a mortar and pestle and using approximately one cup of granulated sugar in the recipe, substituting the remainder with a generous half-cup of confectioner's sugar. My loaf's still in the oven, so I don't know if that did anything to negatively affect the texture, but it looks great. (I can also verify that it tastes good, too... so good.)

So... yeah! How're y'all doing? To those whose summer vacations are almost here, how many of you are looking forward to it? Dreading it? What do you think of desserts or foods that are "seasonal"? I'd love to hear from you guys! I miss talking to you. ♥
the youngest holds the key

midnight musings = free advice?

Hey, guys! It's been a while, wouldn't you say? I haven't had ample time to do more than social networking and e-mail checking these past few weeks, but after getting the headache-inducing yearbook out of the way and with spring break, my schedule's been given some breathing room!

So lately, in-between work and trying to get myself a new job (I am now a grateful employee at the local Hampton Inn!), I've been entangled in more than a little good (debatable), old-fashioned high school relationship drama. While my friends-with-benefits mess has been put to bed, so to speak, a new problem has been sprung upon me recently.

I won't go into details, but I tried and failed to be a therapist for my lovelorn friend. For a while, she heeded my advice, but love won out in the end. (I never thought I'd say that in such resigned disappointment.) I'll admit that I threw in the towel; I can only take arguing with a brick wall for so long, and being put on the spot for false allegations left a bad taste in my mouth.

Regardless of the turn of events in these one-sided relationships, I think I've learned quite a bit from the recent turn of events... in all of my relationships! While my personal experience with romance has been next to none, I'd like to think I've learned a great deal. And so I bring you some harebrained advice, scratched onto some gnarly-looking paper in the middle of the night. Just please, please take this with a grain of salt!
I AM NOT A LICENSED SHRINK! I'm just a girl looking to put an end to all of this nonsense, haha.
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One for the Babies

I'M NOT A BABY PERSON, not by a long shot. Contrary to popular belief among friends and family, it has nothing to do with disliking children. It's more of a debilitating, innate fear I have of hurting something so small and so innocent. I absolutely hate the sound of a baby's cry because it makes me want to cry right along with them.

THIS PAST WEEKEND I gave my older cousin a visit. When we're there, all we usually do is watch anime and stay in his downstairs living area. However, a certain series of events led to us having to watch my other cousin's young daughter, Olivia. She's the most adorable little thing you've ever seen, with gorgeous strawberry blond curls. Her laugh is contagious, as is the sparkle in her eyes when those giggles bubble forth through her pearly-white baby teeth. Somehow, I found myself chasing her around the first floor of the house, matching her little pitter-pattering footfalls with my careful stomps as I chased the saccharine sounds of her unrestrained laughter.

I CAN'T HELP BUT BE ENTRANCED whenever a baby's around. My heart starts racing and I feel immersed in an anxiously bubbly, "Oh god, please don't cry when I smile at you" energy. I feel as though I'm holding my breath around them, as if the slightest thing might bring harm to them. It hadn't been until after we'd put 'Livia down for her nap that I realized I was afraid of babies and their proneness, afraid of the fact that they depend upon you for safety, sustenance, and protection.

I KNOW I'M AN AUTHOR but I'm not fictionalizing anything about this post, especially as I go on to tell you all about my latest cause. I am a registered participant for the March for Babies 2012, a fundraising walk for the March of Dimes. This foundation was created to offer support and healthcare services to families of prematurely-born babies. By donating to the March of Dimes, you're supporting research and programs meant to improve the lives of "premies". I don't anticipate I'll raise very much for the MoD at school, considering the fact that my Honors Society just had a "Hoops for Heart" event earlier this month, so I'm making it a point to turn to my loved ones for support... which brings me to the purpose of this post! I'm asking you, fellow FList (whatever friends I still have... sheesh, I've been so inactive on LJ lately!), to donate if you want to and are able. Any amount is an appreciated amount, so please... consider donating to the March of Dimes today! ♥♥
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(no subject)

I haven't been doing much in the way of writing fan fiction lately, and while I've been writing a boatload of poetry because of class, my posting's dwindled down to nothing. Apologies, friends! Life's been getting in the way. Blech.

As I struggle to juggle everything, (HA, go internal rhyming!) I have the sudden urge to write a self-gratuitous original story about a ridiculous teacher crush. Don't Call Me Mister. Or was it "Sir"? Ah well, who cares. I liked that title better, anyway.

I'll keep you updated when I finally write and post the first chapter, just in case anyone wants to try to endure my cray-cray original piece. :P

Love to you all! Stay sane in this crazy, crazy world. ♥

Here, hear some music! ;)